maybeawish (maybeawish) wrote,

entry insulting la whore

Yes, I'm stalking your livejournal and your myspace Lea. What the fuck? No. You happen to be on Ned's eljay friend's list, and I happen to skim through it occassionally because there do happen to be quite a few interesting people on it(not including you), and I'm sorry, but your name on someone else's livejournal entry would perk your interests and make you click, too. Oh, and I also know that it was you who left that comment, so why don't we talk about how you're stalking my livejournal? And about your myspace? Uh, no. I haven't been on your myspace since you told me to add you, thanks, and the last time I noticed you even had a myspace was when I removed you from my list.

Face it. You aren't interesting in the slightest, you're just a mindless idiot like most girls that are as obsessed with themselves as you are.

Oh, and ps: You have a serious case of manlegs.

Their reply was:
Subject: she doesnt have manlegs
she doesnt have manlegs, most men have much prettier legs than that

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