another public note about lea

Due to the fact that she calls me hick trash and psychotic, I feel like I should be allowed at least one (im)mature retaliation, right? Right.

She's wondering a lot why the people she wants to get with have girlfriends in other states that are (in her opinion) not even half as pretty as her. Don't you think that if she was as pretty as she thought she was they'd be at her doorstep begging to be hers as opposed to being with girls that are in other states? Logically, they would. Her excuse is that they can't commit, which, in my case at least, is very untrue. Why would he want to pay for flights and rental cars twice a month if he could have her at little or no cost? Why would he stay on the phone with me from eleven in the evening until two in the morning when he fell asleep (still on the phone)? He wouldn't.

I'm not saying that she's ugly. She isn't ugly at all, but she isn't very pretty either. She's average, just like you and me and that other girl over there in the corner.

According to my beautiful boyfriend Ned, she isn't very thin or pretty (but that's okay, because neither am I, but I don't put up a front that I am) and she is close-minded (example: "She lives in Bumfuck, Indiana. Dump her.") and she isn't even CLOSE to being what she makes herself seem to be on the internet (which makes her a lying, fraudulent bitch, does it not?). He was drunk when the events took place, and therefore forgiven. It's like "uncrazy Alli" says, "...unless you're drunk, in which case you'd be thinking about me anyway, right?"

To sum it all up, Lea is the shallow owner of a flat personality. She's bland, just like the ugly poster someone made in third grade that had one line of text at the top and nothing else. What man in their right mind would want a nineteen year old girl who talks way too much about how trashed she gets at ten in the morning and repeats how beautiful she is on a five minute cycle, not to mention a druggie, as she proudly claims to be? What decent man would want a girl who enjoys random hookups (again, I have nothing against girls who do that or the act of doing it, it's her whining about how she wants a boyfriend that matters) for anything more than sex? And to strike back at her for everything that she's been saying about the problems I went through at the beginning of the year:

Her mother doesn't even want her.

entry insulting la whore

Yes, I'm stalking your livejournal and your myspace Lea. What the fuck? No. You happen to be on Ned's eljay friend's list, and I happen to skim through it occassionally because there do happen to be quite a few interesting people on it(not including you), and I'm sorry, but your name on someone else's livejournal entry would perk your interests and make you click, too. Oh, and I also know that it was you who left that comment, so why don't we talk about how you're stalking my livejournal? And about your myspace? Uh, no. I haven't been on your myspace since you told me to add you, thanks, and the last time I noticed you even had a myspace was when I removed you from my list.

Face it. You aren't interesting in the slightest, you're just a mindless idiot like most girls that are as obsessed with themselves as you are.

Oh, and ps: You have a serious case of manlegs.

Their reply was:
Subject: she doesnt have manlegs
she doesnt have manlegs, most men have much prettier legs than that